The Group of European Market pulp users


Last available UTIPULP's Figures :


Roughly 12 million tons of market pulp were consumed in 2021 by the UTIPULP countries (to be compared to a total consumption of market pulp in Europe of almost 18 million tons).

Data on pulp inventories and pulp consumption is collected on a monthly basis at national level.

Several grades are monitored: unbleached sulphite and kraft, bleached and semi-bleached sulphite and kraft, both for hardwood and softwood.

Data on European pulp inventories and pulp consumption is of great importance as, together with similar data from North America, Asia and other areas, it provides a comprehensive picture of the global pulp market.


Market pulp: Market pulp is pulp that is sold in open competition with that of other producers. All pulp exported from the producing country is considered to be market pulp.

Consumption: Market pulp tonnages consumed at the mills over the month concerned.

Inventories: Consumer market pulp which is already owned by the consumers, i.e. pulp that has already been delivered to the paper mill, or landed at harbours, in transit (barge, train, truck) and at storehouses where it is available to the paper mill. This excludes supplier-owned consignment stocks and those on the high seas.

Inventories in days of consumption: inventories M x 360 / consumption of the past 12 months

M: the month concerned

Guidelines on statistics: Quality of the Service

Speedy: The aim is to release the monthly statistics between the 15th and the 17th after the end of the month covered.

Comprehensive: Each national Association has to provide an estimation for 100% of the national volumes out of their samples (from 80% to 100% depending on the countries).

Reliable: Efforts are continuously made to improve the reliability at each step of the process and computer procedures have been set up to check the management of the statistics